More Medicals!

Up at 5am this morning, dogs walked and chores done, then out of the house for 6.30am, I had a skin cancer check-up in El Poblado, Medellin at 8.20am, but you have to be there 20 minutes prior.

The traffic was heavy, but flowing, so I ended up arriving an extra 20 minutes early, but that didn\’t do me any good, both because I had a problem remembering where the building was, and I was flustered to say the least, also the Doc was having problems with his computer system, so was running late, however I ended up only 5 minutes late. I was hoping that he was going to discharge me today, but he soon threw that one out of the window, I see him again in December, and probably for some considerable time after that.

I am seriously of the opinion, that Marcela has cause to be concerned at letting me loose on my own, if I can\’t remember where I am going, when I have been to the same location on numerous occasions it is a little sad, and worrying.

If I can\’t get this memory problem resolved, I think it will be time for me to consider hanging up my car keys, and using a taxi, unless I am with Marcela. It might even be a more sensible and cheaper option, to only have to finance one car instead of two, we could then sell both existing cars, and buy one newer 4×4, another Montero!, the only problem with that is, if one car is off the road, we won\’t have a backup, and it would have to have natural gas, otherwise we would be off the road two days a week, with the possibility of that increasing to three, with Pico y Placa.

It may not be as bad as I think it is, because when I left my appointment, I firstly went to buy my supply of marmalade, only to be left near to tears, the Supermarket chain that supplies it, has stopped stocking the French made, Casino Orange marmalade, apparently it was not that popular, they now only stock German, Nero, Bitter Orange marmalade, at two and a half times the price. I will give it a try, but at that price I will just have to wipe it across the top of my toast! or stop having marmalade for breakfast and revert to a full english breakfast, now if it wasn\’t for causing a weight problem, I would give that serious consideration. After buying my marmalade, I managed to find my way across the city to San Juan, something I have never done on my own before, it felt quite an accomplishment under the circumstances, nipped into Makro and did the shopping, then home.

On the way, I was nearly home, driving on what is laughably called a Motorway, albeit anyone can use it in any form of transport, foot, pedal, two wheels or more, there is no restriction, which is why there are so many deaths, but even then I had a surprise.

It was a good job I was concentrating on my driving!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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