We Are Going To Have To Move

Yesterday, went went for my appointment with the Accountant, paid her bill, gave her the cake we bought for her, although I have to admit, I was sorely tempted…hahaha! Then I took Marcela for lunch before she went to work.

I have my brain scan tomorrow, but at the moment I can\’t get a Psychiatric appointment until November, so we are looking at going private to bring that forward.

However I am getting seriously worried as to what is happening to me, I seem to be losing all control. Yesterday we again had damage caused by a delivery lorry to Agrozarzal, he building supply business owned by \’Enimigo\’.

Because of vehicles parked outside the business, the Dumper pulled forward outside ours, to close his tailgate, but there wasn\’t sufficient room, so he just forced it through my hedge, ripping part of it out, damaging a significant part, which I have trimmed back this morning, but I am not sure whether it will regrow.

As a result I went out, I was steaming, and as there were two of them, I took my wooden stave with me, which I shouldn\’t have done, they denied causing the damage, as is always the case, which sent my blood pressure through the roof, and I lost the plot…

It is obvious that there is no respect for people\’s property here, and by here I mean locally, I have now started house hunting, and maybe it is time for me to accept that this move, may have to be back into town, which will mean no workshop, well not on the scale I have now, and I know the dogs won\’t like it, that will also mean more walking for me, which might be a good thing. It won\’t be a quick move, it never is over here, we really need to get a valuation on this property first to find out what our budget will be, whatever we get for this, we lose 10% in tax, and whatever the commission will be to sell, we will start making some enquiries.

In the mean time, if Enimigos staff want a war, I will give them one.

This morning I nipped down to town to pay my income tax for last year, now that\’s out of the way, I can forget about it until next August.

It has been a horrible day, it rained all night, after I got back from town I hoovered most of the water out of the pool, when it started again, and it hasn\’t stopped since. It\’s the first rain we have had in a week or so, but at least it is still warm.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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