Long May It Continue

This has to be too good to be true… Yesterday the renters arrived in the Finca de Recreo alongside us, and it was obviously going to be one hell of a bash, they put up screening at the back so we couldn\’t see, well it certainly wasn\’t to block out the noise! Then the party arrived, and once dark, the volume went up, laser lights started firing in every direction, and a microphone was put into use as well, well over the top.

Mid evening, Marcela decided it was time to put the action plan into being, so she rang the central control, the police station, and the Secretaria de Gobierno of Copacabana, and about 40 minutes later the double manned bike patrol arrived.

The Patrol was there about 40 minutes, and as they left, the volume was turned right down, we believed this was because finally, after four plus years, the Mayor has issued a Decreto to control the noise from all premises, and if it is found to be above a certain level, the Alcaldía turn out their Cut-off Man, who cuts the electric at the meter, this is off for 12 hours, and the offending Finca is also issued with a $800.000 COP  (£210) fine. The only problem is that this Decreto only has a life of six months, why we don\’t yet know, I suspect it is because the Mayor will then be out of Office, and you can bet, that like all the Mayors before him, he comes away with a \’fica de recreo\’ in his pocket, in which case he wont want any restrictions.

Marcela spoke with the Secretaria de Gobierno this morning, and she said that but for her being tied up with a sick relative, she would have come and cut the electric last night, but it seems the threat alone worked.  Today the Sec de Gobierno along with the Police and the Cut-off man have been out mid morning, and cut the power to a number of Fincas de Recreo who have continued to disobey the Decreto.

Long may this continue, I hope that it is not just a passing fad, and they get fed up with the calls, and ignore everyone again, I am hoping that the Fincas will get the message, and advise their \’Renters\’ before it becomes an issue.

This morning I spent gardening, I cut all the hedges, and the grass, then went out and tidied up in the road, and because I also did outside one of the neighbours, she came out with a fruit juice, as it was so hot, nice of her!

We then went out for lunch to celebrate, what has been a good result this week-end.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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