Yet another National Holiday

Today celebrates the Bataille de Boyacá (Battle of Boyacá) in 1819, where what is now Colombia defeated their Spanish rulers, and started what would be the process towards Independence.

So we have had people in the Fincas de Recreo alongside and behind us, but the noise was kept to an acceptable level, until they decided to get up at 4am, but at least I slept for a few hours.

After walking the dogs, I cut the grass, then started work on the pool again, filling the cracks with hydraulic cement, we\’ll see how that takes, I have never used the stuff before, and think maybe I should have built up the layers instead of trying to fill it in one.

I then went out and repaired the damage in the road, using the left over cement, following that, I painted the stones at both ends of the kerb white, so there can be no argument that they are not visible!

It was then time to play with photos, after a while messing with my 360º camera and the old Samsung mobile, I managed to sync the two, and download my photos from our outing on Sunday, it might have been better if I hadn\’t, there were a lot of fingers and thumbs, because I did not have the mobile to see what I was taking.


Then there are Marcela\’s photos, which are far better!

Marcela and myself

Nephew Sebastian, Sister-in-law Sandra, Yours truly, and Mother-in-Law Maria Elena

Mother-in-Law Maria Elena, Nephew Sebastian, Yours truly, Marcela

Marcela, Sandra, Sebastian, Maria Elena, Yours truly

The Selfie Queen!

That\’s it for today, I am going to put my feet up, as befits a Public Holiday!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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