Let Down Again

I am getting seriously worried, I thought I had written about the brushcutter saga, but I can\’t find it, so I\’ll start again, if I have posted earlier, then I apologise!

Last week my brushcutter finally gave up the ghost, it could probably have been fixed, but being a Chinese copy, that is continually in for repair, I wanted to replace it, and not have to face the Engineer, who laughs every time I appear. I went to see him, because on my last visit he had said he could sell me a second hand brushcutter for between 500-600,000 pesos for a decent make (Stihl / Mitsubishi etc.) unfortunately he didn\’t have one in, but said he could get me one for today, Saturday for 700,000, which is about half the price of a new one. After thinking about it, we shook on it.

This morning I went to pick up my brushcutter, he had two, but suddenly the price had gone up to 800,000… here we go! Gringo prices. I told him that there was no way I was paying that, as the price had already gone up once, so he said he would get me one at the agreed price for next Saturday, I told him I would let him know, if I couldn\’t get one before.

I need one, as my grass is growing at a great rate, by next week-end it will be a meadow! Marcela was in the car with me, and I could see that she wanted to get out and tell the man exactly what she thought, but from my point of view, even if I don\’t buy from him, I need someone I can rely on to fix both this and my generator, when I have a problem, I thought he was a decent bloke, but like many here, he obviously can\’t resist trying to milk Foreigners.

From there, totally disgruntled, we went on to San Juan, to do a bit of shopping, and to have lunch.

I looked at the prices of new brushcutters, and confirmed they were about double the price of a second hand one, if only I could get one. I also bought a cable and some bits I needed to add two anchoring cables to the new camera support post, because even this metal one moves in the wind.

We went to Dogger for our lunch, a giant hot-dog and chips, with salad, we hadn\’t been for over a year, and boy had it changed, not for the better. No longer was there table service, the portion of chips was microscopic, and the bread roll, was borderline stale. If you hadn\’t guessed, we will not be returning.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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