A Totally Different Day!

It\’s only 6.50am and I feel like a different person… with no music keeping me awake, I slept like a baby, and woke at 5.50am feeling so much better, still a little gaspy, but nothing that will stop me getting on with life.

The Dogs had their first walk for three days, and thoroughly enjoyed checking what had been going on during their absence, so did I for that matter! I\’m not sure where the sun is, the clouds look quite menacing, but is was still warm.

Today will decide whether Colombia continues on the same path of \’more of the same\’ or becomes a Socialist lead Country, bordering Communism, in other words it is the final day of the Presidential Election, Duque v. Petro .

There is no obvious outright leader in the polls now, so it\’s anybodies guess. Many Expats along with many Colombians want Petro to win, he is a keen supporter of the Leader and former Leaders of Cuba and Venezuela, and you know what has happened to those countries, he claims that he will lead a Government that will clean up corruption, a great idea in itself, but at what cost? Petro is no saint, he has shown that he may have big ideas, but doesn\’t have the brain to carry them out, when he nearly brought Bogota to it\’s knees as Mayor, until he was removed, will he do the same as President? if he does, I am sure that he will be OK, his elder children have already left the country, with a Daughter in Canada, and another child in France, I am sure he has protected his wealth.

I on the other hand would, if I could, vote for Duque, it is the safe option, keeps Petro out, and gives time for a genuinely decent Candidate to come forward for the next election in 2022, I don\’t think he will do anything good for the country, I may be wrong, but I also don\’t think that he is a danger.

So later this morning I will take Marcela to caste her vote, and then we will stop off for lunch on the way home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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