Love and Loyalty

I\’m all for love, and loyalty, but there are times when that can be taken too far.

The local situation here is escalating, and not made any easier by a Government Department cutting corners. During the discussion we had with our \’enimigo\’ the other week, he accused us of having denounced him to Corantioquia for not have a septic tank for the Barbers/Apartment, so I wrote to them, asking for confirmation or denial of that, as a result they sent me a copy of a letter they had sent to the Planning Department, asking if they knew if there was a Septic tank, and they showed on the letter that they had copied it to me and the \’enimigo\’, the letter states the report comes from an anonymous source, but now looks as if we were that source…Idiots!

Marcela has been telling me that she has been asking her Father to come and live with us temporarily until the problem up north with the damaged Dam is resolved, in case it gives way, as it turns out that is only half the truth, in fact she wants Henry to come and stay here with her, and at her suggestion, I am supposed to pack my bags and return to the UK until she can resolve the problems here, as she thinks as a Foreigner, I am going to be a prime target.

I told Marcela, that as much as I love her for trying to protect me, after six and a half years, she obviously doesn\’t know me that well, if she thinks I am going to run from trouble. I am here, and I am here to stay, whatever the outcome. Henry is welcome, as always, but I am going nowhere.

Today was an early start, I walked the dogs, had breakfast, with my marmalade!, and then cleaned the bathrooms, now I am going down to the workshop to start a small project using leftover plywood from the desk project, more on that another time.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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