The Medical Rounds

This morning was my appointment with my Doc, for my regular high blood pressure check up, that was fine, the exception being my weight, which although not excessive, he wants reduced, last time I saw him I promised to do all I could to bring it down, as a result, I cut out, rice, potatoes, chocolate, and reduced my ice cream consumption by about 90%,  I also started a regular exercise regime on the treadmill, all was fine until about two weeks ago, when I buggered my knees again, I can\’t blame it all on the treadmill, some was related to the work on installing the new desk in the office, I spent a lot of time kneeling on a tile floor.

He then said that I had done everything that could be expected of me, and he wanted to refer me to another Internist, with a view to surgery, i.e. a gastric band, I told him that he could forget that, there was no way I was going that route, and he knew it, because the previous Internist had suggested the same thing, and I had nearly walked out.

I pointed out that you could walk around the town, and see many people far bigger than myself, and that if by not having the surgery it cut my life short, so be it!  I think he got the message.

We also discussed my memory problem, or lack of it!  he ran some tests, which in the main I passed, and discussed what may be causing the rapid deterioration, he believed it could be emotional, and when I told him about the recent death threats, he said that could well be the cause, and he recommended that I see a Neurologist, to confirm that. Personally he does not think it is Dementia, following the tests he conducted, but to put my mind at rest he wants a second opinion.

So that will be another Specialist to add to my list, however hopefully tomorrow, I will be having my last skin cancer check-up, so one added one struck off!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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