Waste of Time

The last couple of days have been a total waste of time, thanks in no part to the lad who was supposed to have come and install our new security camera. He was supposed to have come yesterday, but we heard nothing from him, and his phone was \’switched off\’, although he now tells us, that he had a problem with the phone.

So yesterday, I continued work on the new desk top, I routed the front edge so that it is rounded over, and then painted the cut areas black, even after 24 hours that is not dry, as it is so damp at the moment.

This morning I had a message from Juan Pablo to say he would come tomorrow morning to fit the new camera and DVR, no problem, then a couple of hours later I got another message asking if his partner could come within the hour to fit the system, I just wish he would make a decision and stick to it, but I wasn\’t going to say no, I wouldn\’t see him this week otherwise.

The lad came, and using me as his assistant, firstly he installed the new DVR, firstly transferring the old Hard Drive into the new machine, then I installed the new camera support on the workshop wall, and he cabled in the new camera. It works fine, but all the hassle does take the shine off the whole process. At least now if anything happens, I can play back, freeze and zoom in to identify a registration plate or a face, without it pixelating.

By the time he left, it was past 11.30am, so there was no point in starting work on anything else, I\’ll get going tomorrow all being well.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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