Poorly Dog!

Poor old Tito has been suffering the last couple of weeks, he had a skin irritation at his back end, and we have been treating it with antibiotic spray, but this morning I decided that it was time to visit the Vet.

As we are only ten days away from the time both dogs are due for their annual vaccinations, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and took Pepe with me as well. they were both very well behaved, which was a surprise, but I had some disturbing news, Tito has a flea infestation, Pepe suffered from this when he was a puppy, but both dogs receive their Frontline every month.

The Vet, frowned, and told me \’This is Colombia\’ and went on to tell me that what is \’ON\’ the packet is not necessarily what is \’IN\’ the packet, as there are many \’contraband\’ medications\’ brought in from Venezuela, and Brazil, as genuine items, and this causes a lot of problems. The vaccinations have been postponed until next week, as Tito can\’t have his with his current medication.

As a result Tito is on a weeks course of medication and they have been prescribed a different anti flea medication \’Bravecto\’  which only has to be given every three months, and comes in the form of a cake, it looks and smells like a Brownie, and Pepe wolfed his down, but Tito true to form licked at it but refused to eat it, so I opened some of his meat and mixed that, but again it looks as if he is ignoring it, so I took up his bowl, and will see if he will eat it at his normal time this evening.

His other tablet, I forced down the back of his throat, and also injection some other medicine down at the same time. I can see that the next week is going to be fun…not! but if it does the trick…

Now it is time to cut hedges, the desk will have to wait until Thursday now, as I am out tomorrow.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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