It\’s a Bit Wet!

Sometimes, I don\’t want to mix topics in the same post, so it makes sense to double up, and that\’s what I am doing today.

Many people ask how I feel about living out of an urban area, and half way up a mountain, the answer most of the time is \’Great!\’, but there are times when you have no option but to worry, such as the security issues that I have posted on recently. There are other things that you can do absolutely nothing about, and one of those is the weather.

The last couple of days we have had some of the heaviest rain I have seen, since I moved to Colombia. the above video was captured on our Security Cameras. OK it\’s rain, so what?, I hear you saying, well we haven\’t had a decent summer for two years now, and that means the ground never had the chance to dry out, that water has to go somewhere, fortunately we have a number of quebradas or streams to help out, such as the following to, which I captured this morning whilst walking the dogs.

But with the corruption in the Town Hall, and the ever continuing issuance of Building permits, that means that the trees and vegetation that keep the mountain in place, are being removed, at an alarming rate, that rain has to to go somewhere, and if there is nothing to soak it up, than the ground becomes unstable, and the more there is, the more chance of us all sliding down the mountain. I am not too bothered about the Finca (house) that is insured, but I would like to live for a year or two longer, if at all possible.

There is constant ground movement, and that means constant repairs, but likewise there are repairs that just are not worth doing, because you know full well they will just move again during the following 12 months, I learned this to my cost. So things like cracks in the payments, in the house floor tiles etc, I now live with. I am only interested in structural defects, and those get my undivided attention.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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