Things Change…Not Always For The Better

We eventually got our Security System up and running yesterday, the lad said he was ill on Sunday, so we had to wait, at least now we can see what is happening outside again. I am going to his shop on Wednesday to see an \’improved\’ camera, whereby we can identify registration plates and faces in the road, with out having to play with software to improve the video quality. Unfortunately we cant upgrade the camera to 4K, because that would mean upgrading the whole system, including the monitor.

After the DVR had been re-installed, I headed off to do some shopping, first to Copacabana, and then to Niquía, Bello. I bought my paint and laquer for the desk, but they did not have any 1/4\” plywood offcuts for sale, so I will make do, with what I have, for the rest of the drawer bases.

On my arrival back home, I saw that whilst I had been out, Agrozarzal had erected yet another cable across from their building, to the Barbers/Apartment, it was tied loosely to the balcony, but was only a meter above my hedge. I thought about it for a while, and my blood pressure soared, so I took the bull by the horns and went to see the owner, who was visiting. I told him that this was totally unacceptable, it was over my property not in the public area, and if it was not removed, I would remove it, at which, he said, he had no idea what it was for, and I could do so, so I did. Daniel the lad that manages the shop for him, has stopped talking to us, since the incident with the Police closing the Barbers for ten days (his prerogative, I\’m not really bothered), he butted in and said that wires cross other peoples property all over Copacabana, I told him, \’Not my property\’!

Shortly afterwards, the Boss and Daniel, were out with a ladder and raised all their cables, and tied them to the Public Service cables out in the street, so they don\’t cross our land, why they didn\’t do that in the first place, I have no idea…well, I have, they believe they can do as they wish, with no regard for anyone else.

They block the road with their parked vehicles, they have deliveries dropped in the road, and are then left 24 hours before being removed.

The fact of the matter is that, the premises is not big enough for them, it was bought cheap, and now everyone is being made to suffer as a result, the area outside Agrozarzal, always was a passing area for vehicles, but they seem to have laid claim to the space, and the Authorities say they can\’t do that, but do nothing to remedy the problem, as a result, vehicles either try to squeeze passed, causing damage to others property, or have to reverse 200m in either direction.

Well that\’s my rant over for now, it\’s pouring with rain, so time to get dressed, have breakfast and do some work in the workshop, unfortunately no walk for the boys until it stops.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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