Fingers Crossed!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather picks up later, it is still drizzling, it is too damp to do any spray painting, it would never dry.

Therefore I turned to the new support I want for the Security Camera overlooking the road, at the moment the camera is supported on an aluminium tube, which was supplied by the lad who installed it, but it really is flimsy. I had thought of using steel or iron conduit tube, but as I was informed that could attract lightening, that left the option of making one out of wood, and attaching the cable to that, but there would be no protection from it being cut, the other option is to put it in UPVC mains water tube, which is more rigid than other types of tubing, and that is the way I am going.

I had to work out how I could attach the tube to the workshop wall, I suppose I could have drilled into the wall, and used Construction Adhesive to stick it in place, but I decided to make a wooden wall plate out of hardwood.

I took a 3\”x 3\” block drilled a 1\” hole, 2\” into the block, and a 1/2\” hole from the back side which meets the first hole, for the cable, and cut a channel in the back of the plate to accept the cable.

I then drilled 1/2\” holes in all four corners 2\” into the block, so the screws to fasten the block to the wall are recessed.

The 1\” diameter hole is the outside measurement of the tube, it was a tight fit, so I had to take a little extra out, then cover the inside of the hole with \’No Nails, and insert the tube using my mallet.

The next photo shows how it will look on the outside wall.

This will then have two 45º bends attached and another 1m length of tube up to the box that supports the camera.  I decided that 45º bends were a better option than one 90º bend, because it puts less strain on the cable, as it is threaded through.

The wooden block has had a coat of preservative stain, and its drying…slowly!

I am now ready, if the camera I view tomorrow meets our requirements, I can make arrangements for installation at the first available opportunity, if not, I\’ve got another makeshift mallet!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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