Not Every Project is a Success

Yesterday I started what should have been a simple project, making a self-centering dowel jig, but as in many things in Colombia, trying to find the parts you need can cause havoc.

For this project I only needed some scrap hardwood, which I had, some 3mm metal strip, which I had, a few screws, which I had, and some 8mm metal tube, or spacer washers, which I didn\’t have, and couldn\’t find, so I went for what I thought was the next best thing

A couple of 3/8\” metal rawlplugs, I then spent more time than I like drilling out the threading inside.

This morning it was time to finish the project, I cut the rawlplugs and metal strips to size, drilled the required holes in the wood and metal, and put it all together.

It looks the business, but it was a fail, the drill bit caught in the rawlplugs and ripped them out, the principle is a good one, but I need the right parts.

I want to use dowels in the construction of my new desk, but it is all on hole until I can get the parts. I haven\’t used dowels for years, turning to biscuit joints, but over here the price of a biscuit jointer is ridiculous, I would have to import one, but then the problem is getting the biscuits.

It\’s not a great problem if I can get the tube, I only have to replace the one part, and fortunately I still have a piece of oak left over.

I was due to go to Bello first thing this morning, with the trailer, to pick up the plywood boards for my desk, but it was pouring with rain all night, and continued into the morning, and as I can\’t afford to get them wet, it had to wait, however it appears to be drying up now, so I will leave when Marcela goes to work and collect them, all being well.

We have more security issues, last night one of the Mototaxis (Motorcycle taxi, used to get up and down the mountain) was heading uphill from the motorway, when he came across a black 4×4 blocking the road, when he shouted at the driver, he was faced with a gun and robbed. This is a new MO, as in the past they have been on motorcycles, but it appears they have heard we would just drive over them, and have upped the anti…what next?

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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