Fighting Corruption

This morning I tootled over to Bello, to buy some bits I can\’t get locally, stopping off for an early lunch on the way back (11am), I am being good at the moment, my diet is not quite as strict as Marcela\’s, but I am cutting out most of the fatty foods, so it was just scrambled egg with onion and tomato, with an arepa with quesito (cheese).

Back home, I then took it easy until Marcela was back and we went out at 5.30pm to attend a meeting of the Consejales (Town Council), the meeting was supposed to be an important one, because the Mayor is land grabbing, and trying to set up a Company of Public Services, part of which would be to take total control of our water company, unfortunately he does have rights, as the municipality gave land for the company. It would not be too bad, but he has no intention of making the Company work, he just wants to milk it dry with a few of his Mates from the Consejal, before they are out of Office next year, at which stage we will be, to put it bluntly…\’In shit street\’, as all the Public Services will be financially ruined, and sold off on the cheap.

We are trying to put a stop to this, but unfortunately there is only one, possibly two of the fifteen Consejales on our side, so unless we can find a legal means to stop it, we are snookered, and it wont be long before we start having power cuts, cut in rubbish collection, water shortages etc. If that did happen it would be the final straw and we would have to move, I am not going primitive again, I had enough of that in my early days in Spain.

Unfortunately the only benefit of attending the meeting tonight, was that the Consejales saw that there are members of the Community who are not prepared to just roll over. There is another meeting at 8am on Saturday, where those that want, can have their say, then at 6pm next Tuesday, the Consejales have their debate and vote on the issue. I will be going on Saturday, as Marcela is working, not that I will understand much, they talk far too fast, but we need to have a show of support. Marcela will then go to the meeting on Tuesday.

We are all fed up of the blatant corruption, we have more evidence, that might come to light if things don\’t go our way, but at the moment I don\’t want to say more on that. The Mayor is only interested on ballooning his bank account whilst in Office, he hasn\’t done badly so far, but this would set him up for life, he has to be stopped.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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