Fighting Corruption Pt 2

During the meeting of the Consejales last night, I learned that the Mayor of Copacabana receives a pension, approximately  on a par with my pension, which came as a surprise, although, only being a comparatively small Municipality, I suppose it shouldn\’t have.

Why do I bring this up? well, on my pension, we can live relatively comfortably, but not in luxury, I have very little over at the end of the month, and yet in comparison, the Mayor has been able to accumulate a fleet of taxis, and a Public Bus, a Farm/Finca, and new cars for his daughters…How?

I obviously need some lessons in housekeeping, but I will not be taking them from our current Mayor, he is a despicable character, who has no consideration for the community he is supposed to care for, he fails to turn up for meetings, the excuse usually being that he had to go to a function in Medellin, yes, because he only goes where he has photo opportunities for the media.

When anything good happens in the Municipality, he will take the credit, albeit, it has nearly always been funded by Central Government or some other Organisation. When anything bad happens, he hides down his hole, like the rat he is, never to be found.

I ask people why no one goes to the Fiscalería to report, what is obviously a long list of criminal activity by this man, and I keep getting told that unless we have the evidence to back it up, they will not even start an investigation, that seems like a system in dire need of updating, surely it is for the Fiscal to investigate and find the evidence, the current system just protects the corrupt and inept Public Officials in this Country.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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