Today I have my Dental appointment at 12.20pm, they probably wont do anything today regarding my broken tooth, as it is just for a clean, but from time to time they do surprise me, if they are not too busy, so I have written this afternoon off just in case.

In the mean time, I am just doing some routine maintenance jobs, the first being cleaning the back of the Fridge-freezer. just after we first moved here, we had a problem with the motor, and when the Engineer came out, it just needed a clean, and he showed me what to do, all you need is a screwdriver, vacuum cleaner and a paint brush.

Every year now, I give the machine a routine clean, at the back is a vent, this draws in cooler air, to keep the motor from overheating, consequently it draws in grease etc, when you are cooking, and there is an accumulation of dust etc, which looks like fluff.

You can see this around the vent on the right, in my case five screws and this vent is off, I took it outside and gave it a wash, it takes a little more elbow grease in my case, because we do not have hot water (only in the showers), but with washing up liquid it comes off.

I then took the paintbrush and cleaned inside, whilst at the same time running the vacuum, to remove all the crud.

Now it\’s all clean for another year, and hopefully no call-out.bills.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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