Yesterday morning, the man came to look at the swimming pool, to be honest I was not impressed, I don\’t think he wanted the work, it only took him two minutes and he gave us a quote, of $12.000.000 to install a liner, and another $5.000.000 for a swimming pool pump and filter, with a guarantee, or a quick repair job without a guarantee, I didn\’t even let him get the figure out on that one, as I won\’t accept any work on the pool without a guarantee. However the price given is only $2.000.000 less that having a new glassfibre pool installed, so we won\’t be going ahead, because the cost doesn\’t stop there, we would still have to pay for back filling the new pool to fill the space, also to have the surround re-tiled.

I am running out of options, we either wait and save up to have a smaller pool inside the existing space, fill the pool in, which could well be almost as costly as replacing it, as we would be looking at approx 32 cubic meters, or finally building decking over the pool, so anyone in future could reopen it, and install a new pool, without the problem of excavation… It\’s a tough one. For now, I have told Marcela, I will take over responsibility for cleaning the pool, if she will keep the chemicals up to date to avoid mosquitoes.

Once the man had gone, I had breakfast, and nipped down town to pay some bills and do the food shopping, I was back home for 9am!

The rest of the day passed without incident, today, I am planning to head off to Bello, late morning (the shops don\’t open until 11am) I need to stop at the HACEB factory shop, our fridge freezer is nearly six years old, and the ice making trays, which are spring loaded, to extract the cubes from the tray, and the ice box, have both broken in the last week, so I am going to see if I can get replacements.

Then I\’ll have a mooch, followed by lunch and return home, I can\’t see me buying anything else, as funds are low, I have taken the plunge, and invested in a \’Traumatic Pistol\’, in light of the security situation here, I didn\’t feel that an air-pistol was sufficient protection, the traumatic pistol, fires 9mm rubber bullets and incapacitates, more to the point, it is legal to own one here.

I am hoping that is arrives today, and then I will have to give Marcela lessons in the use of both pistols! This could be interesting.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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