Just a Run of The Mill Sort of Day…Not!

Now I know why I like going to do the shopping by myself, even food shopping! Yesterday, Marcela decided that as we are both on a diet, she wanted to vary the menu, so came with me to buy alternatives foods, it took at least three times as long, whilst she examined every tomato, every… you get the picture, I was glad when it was done.

We then went to a local Suppliers and bought a length of guttering, believe it or not, here it is often cheaper to buy things in the local shops than to go to the big Chainstores, and that was the case with guttering.

We took our purchases home, and then went out for lunch, before Marcela headed off for work, as it was too late to prepare anything, we both had a chicken salad, before you make any comment!

In the early afternoon, I had a message from Marcela, informing me that a body had been found on a path about 1Km down the mountain from us, at 8am that morning, it was all wrapped in clingfilm and left to be found. Later we were informed that it was an adult Male, but nothing more.

This is a bit disconcerting, especially when it is so close to home, despite all the problems locally, we have still seen no sign of increased police activity in the area, it looks like it is time to forget cost, and start arming ourselves with anything legal available to us.

This morning the man should have come to have a look at the swimming pool, but he rang yesterday afternoon to say he had to go on a course today, and would come on Thursday instead, I suppose we should be grateful that he rang, I just hope that he turns up.

Now it is time for breakfast, then I will get to work on the gazebo guttering.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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