Early Start

I was up at 6am, took the dogs for their walk, prepared Marcela\’s breakfast and lunch, downed a coffee, and was out working at 7.30am, before the sun was too hot.

I managed to get the fencing finished, although I decided to stop where it met up with the drying area, because, I either had to accept that my current fencing there was sufficient, but did not block out our view over the neighbour\’s house, or I added the extra height, it blocked all view to the neighbour below, and also blocked our view across the valley, and I didn\’t want that.

As a result I have four 1.9m panels in storage, I\’m sure I\’ll find a use for them in due course.

Once the work was completed, I cleaned up down in the lane, whilst doing so, the Mother came past, she was more than happy with the work, so that\’s something! I also told her about yesterdays problem with her daughter, and she said just to ignore her.

The next job is the rendering of the riverstone wall, hopefully that will be next week.

Now I just have to cut up and bag the hedge trimmings in the garden, that will take a bit longer!

After I had showered, I headed off down town to do the food shopping, and stopped off for lunch on the way home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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