Getting There!

The bronchitis is clearing slowly, too slowly for my patience, but I should be grateful it was not worse.

Today was the day I had to attend the Inspección de la Policía in the Town Hall, for the \’audiencía\’ (interview) along with the neighbour, over their allegation that I had phoned complaining about their parking. They admitted straight away that is was all based on \’chisme\’, the first I had heard this word, so Marcela had to help me out…\’gossip\’, they had no evidence at all.

The face of Witchie poo\’s Brother, when Marcela told him that we didn\’t just sit back like the locals, we had been considering going to the Fiscalería with our lawyer, and issuing our own complaint regarding libel, he went tomato faced and to put it bluntly was \’sh1tting\’ himself. At the end the Inspector\’s Assistant who was conducting the session, said she didn\’t know why we were there, and the complaint was null and void, Witchie poo and her Brother then apologised, and we left.

The whole process lasted about half an hour, so you will appreciate that more was said, and I produced photos, which said it all, but I won\’t bore you with that, suffice it to say, we live to fight another day, which we will probably have to. We had arrived in separate cars, as Marcela had changed her work time at the shop, to accompany me to the appointment, so then we drove to Bello for a celebratory lunch, which was a posh chicken salad, as we are now both on diets.

Tomorrow, Marcela will be out all day, as she has to go into the City early to buy stock for the shop, so I am hitching up the trailer, and going to the outskirts of the City to buy roofing panels, to extend the panels I did last year…or was it the year before? along our mesh fence, behind the azulina and bougainvilla bordering the neighbour\’s lane, it will involve a lot of work, because the azulins has grown through the fence, so it will all have to be cut back, but in the long run it will save me work, as I won\’t have to go into the lane to trim the hedge, and I won\’t be able to anyway, if they are putting a gate across. I just hope they have the panels in stock, I will have to pay for them to be cut, as they come in 5.9m lengths, but it wont make any difference to their appearance on the fence.

Whilst there, I will also visit Makro, and Jumbo to replenish our household supplies.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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