It\’s been an eventful couple of days, with not a lot to show for it. Marcela and I sat down and discussed the subject of adoption, she has decided that she still has much she wants to do, so children are off the agender, for now at least, I have no problem with that anymore, as long as Marcela is happy, that is all I care about.

Thursday, I was at the Medical Center at 7.15am for my regular Blood Pressure check up, my Doc was really pleased with the results of my tests, with the exception of my glucose, which was a little high, so that meant it was back for another test, more on that in a minute. He also changed one of my tablets, having asked me how long I had been on it, well, it had been prescribed to me since my days in Spain, almost ten years to the day…He said although it was great for BP, it had inherent dangers, so he had to change it, so anyone on Captopril, beware!

I asked him about my annual prostrate check up, which was well overdue, he arranged for the blood test, and I will make an appointment for the finger test on my return from holiday.

Thursday night we had a scare, we had had an email to say our flights had been changed by the airline, by all of ten minutes, otherwise no change, so I went onto the Copa Airline website to check that everything else was OK, to find no trace of our flight booking, it told me that the tickets had either \’been cancelled or had expired\’, I couldn\’t believe it. Anyway once Marcela returned from work, she rang the call-centre, who checked, and our flights were still booked, it must have been a glitch. The following day Marcela did the same to find that on the first leg of the trip our seats had been changed, we had been split up, why I have no idea, I went onto the site again, the plane was shown as half empty, so I changed both of our seats again, so that we were together.

Friday morning, I was up at 5am, and stood in the queue outside the Medical Center, more tests, including for the high glucose reading, this meant having a blood test, then drinking a large glass of orange glucose drink, then two hours later another blood test, so I had my eBook with me to pass the time.

Once I had finished with the tests, it was back home, and into the garden, grass cut, the road outside brushed and the storm drain cleared, then out with the ladders, and into the lane alongside to trim our hedge, the last time before we go away, I don\’t want any complaints from the neighbours.

Last night Marcela informed me that one of the Presidential Candidates, Gustavo Petro,  has announced his manifesto,  and it is an out and out Communist manifesto, the main one that would effect us, is that no one can own more than one house, anyone owning more than one has to sell it, and if they can\’t the Government will buy it at rock bottom price, the same goes for plots of land, because I bought the house my Mother-in-law lives in, that would effect us, as both homes are in joint names of Marcela and myself. The \’logic\’ behind this announcement, is that every person in the country should have the same opportunity of ownership. The frightening part is that this former Terrorist is the front runner in the Campaign, and it could realistically happen, if that were the case, I would definitely think about leaving the country, and I think it would drive many people to leave, as well as foreign investment.

This morning, it is time for some cleaning, bathrooms, laundry, mopping, so I guess I had better get on with it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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