Staying at Home…

I\’m staying put today, it\’s cheaper! I started off, by doing some gardening, but to be honest, it\’s just too hot to be working outdoors, so I am going to start organising my things ready for going on holiday next week. Yet again we are fortunate that my Father-in-law Henry, is prepared to come and house sit for us, whilst we are away, it also alleviates any concerns over looking after Pepe and Tito, I wouldn\’t want to put them in kennels, as they have never been there.

Last night, on her return from work, Marcela shocked me, a regular customer at her shop, has just had a newborn baby, she already has a child, and is unfortunately also landed with a druggie husband, she works, but he spends all her money. This woman obviously got pregnant by accident, and she asked Marcela is we would consider adopting her baby.

My initial reaction was one of horror, how could any Mother even consider giving up their baby? but after we had talked about it for a while, I guess it made sense, she wanted the child to have a better life, than she would be able to offer it.

I would love a child, we can\’t have one of our own, and Marcela would be a great mum, but I honestly think it is too late, I am not in the best of health, and at 60 years old, would be lucky to see any child reach their teenage years, which would not be fair on Marcela or the child. At the moment, Marcela is still working all hours on her business, although I know that given half a chance, she would sell it off tomorrow, that would mean that at the moment, I would have to be a full time solo parent.

After Marcela\’s surgery last year, I had come to accept that I was never going to have children, and now I am not sure that I want that to change…Am I being selfish? I saw Marcela\’s eyes last night, they lit up as she talked about the baby, but was that just because it is a baby, or something more, I think we are going to have to sit down and discuss this seriously.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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