New Car!?

It won\’t be long before I have a new car!…and I don\’t mean that I am getting rid of the Montero.

This morning, after doing my chores, I made my way over to Bello, I wanted to collect the receipt for the labour, when I called out the mechanic to replace my fuel pump.

I decided that whilst I was just round the corner, I would call on one of the road Mechanics (They don\’t have a workshop, they work where ever you can park, kerbside) to have my brake pads checked, they were working, but doing a lot of squeaking, I thought maybe dust, or fine grit, had got in the pads…wrong! it was metal on metal, so I\’m glad I had them checked, I thought I had replaced my brakes last year, but when I sat back and thought about it, it was the Logan, not my Montero.

If I keep this up, it will only be rust that forces me to sell, and there is no sign of that at the moment, it must be the climate. Not bad for a 1995 model car.

Having had that done, I went to the Commercial Center in Niquía, had a mooch around, and lunch whilst there, and then made my way home.

Back home it was time for a bit of work, something I had been meaning to do for a while, over the months quite a bit of gravel had gathered in the bottom of the swimming pool, and there is no easy way of cleaning it, as those of you who have been following our antics will be aware, our pool is really, no more than a fancy water tank, there are no filters or pumps installed, we had to have a portable pool pump adapted, and to be honest, it really isn\’t strong enough for the size of the pool.

So I donned my swimming trunks, a T-shirt, and sun hat, as it was baking hot, gathered a broom and dustpan

and made my way into the pool, I am just glad there was no one here to take photos or video, I must have looked a sight. firstly I swept the bottom of the pool, so I had all the gravel in one spot, then using the dustpan, removed them all from the bottom of the pool.

Why I hadn\’t done this before I don\’t know, but the bottom of the pool, actually looks clean for once in a long time!

I then added a dump of Cloro (Chlorine) to shock the water, and left the filter running for a while.

That was my work done for the day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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