Not the Best of Days!

Since having the new exhaust fitted, there has been an awful smell in the car, at first I thought it was the paint and chemicals burning off the exhaust, but it became obvious that the smell was petrol based, and I started to worry. There was no obvious sign of a leak, but on Friday, I filled up with 50.000 COP of petrol, I know my gauge sticks, but it does pop up to full at times, only this time it didn\’t, so I suspected I was losing fuel, and maybe they had damaged the fuel line, when installing the exhaust.

This morning, I decided to take it back to the Exhaust workshop, and ask them to check it, but as I moved my car, there was a lake of petrol under it…not good! I then had to decided whether I would risk driving it ten minutes down the road, or whether I needed a tow truck, I only have third party insurance, so if it went up in flames, that was the end of that.

I decided to risk it, but on getting to the workshop, and lifting the bonnet, they discovered, I did indeed have a leak, but it was nothing to do with them, it was the fuel pump, it was pouring from the underside, even when the car had stopped. The Foreman tried getting in touch with a mechanic, but they were either busy, or didn\’t answer, which probably meant the same thing.

Fortunately, a Customer there, was about to leave, and asked if I needed help, I told him I did, as my Mechanic was in Bello, and not mobile, so I was looking at risking another drive, or a tow truck. He made a couple of calls, and said his Brother was coming out from Bello, with his Mechanic, we then started chatting, it turned out that he was a dreaded Transito Agent from Bello, and only lived about a mile from me, in the next Vereda, he was there with his wife, they were a lovely couple, he wouldn\’t accept any cash for helping out, which is unusual here, but they said when they were selling raffle tickets they would be in contact. They waited until the Brother arrived, and confirmed he could help, then they left.

The Brother, rang for the parts they needed, and whilst we waited the Mechanic stripped the old pump out of the car, saying it was a cheap copy, and that was why I had had a problem. The parts arrived, I paid that guy, and he left, the new parts were installed, I paid for the labour, including a bit extra for the call out, which was expected, and we all left. Hopefully no more problems with that.

Having been to Copacabana, and run some errands there, I returned home.

This afternoon, Marcela rang me, she had spoken with the Town Hall, Police Inspection Dept, regarding the neighbour problem, and as we thought, if the problem is resolved, it wont be any time soon, the process means all parties attending a meeting, at which all parties put forward their argument, and then a decision is taken, unfortunately, they have a backlog of other cases from last year to resolve before ours comes before them, so there is nothing to stop the man continuing with his work, it wont be legal, but no action if any will be taken until after the meeting, considering we have been told the building work is illegal, I fail to see what the holdup is, we may have to get a Lawyer involved, we could do without the expense, but at the same time, we have to protect our rights.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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