Not a lot to Report!

Monday, I went over to the Mother-in-Law\’s house and moved her furniture around, so she has a bed downstairs, and she could be on one level.

Tuesday I took my Mother-in-Law to Medellin, to have a check up and her stitches out after the surgery, they were pleased with progress, but she is still on crutches, she can hobble around the house with a stick. From there we called back to Copacabana, where I picked up the order for my Blood Pressure tests, and made an appointment for an electrocardiogram on Friday.

We stopped off for brunch on the way home, by which time we were both knackered, having got up at 5.30am…I\’m a Pensioner, I\’m not used to these early mornings, 6am yes, no problem, but any earlier!

This morning I was up again before daylight, and down at the Medical Centre at 6am for my blood tests, I then went to a local cafe for breakfast, torte de carne (minced meat lightly fried in a thin coating of batter on an arepa) with a tinto (small black coffee). It was then back home to walk the dogs, by which time the Mother-in-law had packed her bags and left with Marcela, to return home, I later received a lovely message of thanks from her.

I then went to have my exhaust looked at, they did a welding repair on it a couple of months ago, but the rust had done it\’s work, so I had to dig deep, and have it replaced, at least that should now be something else I don\’t have to worry about.

The neighbour problem looks as if it could turn nasty, the Town Hall Surveyor was supposed to have come the other day, but didn\’t turn up, supposedly having to attend an emergency, however since then things have developed, because at the moment we have the old owner on our side, as \’Fatty\’ as we now refer to the new owner, has refused to make full payment for the building, unless the former owner can get the Town Hall to approve a third floor, he was told that couldn\’t happen, so he then asked if they knew anyone in the Planning Dept who could be bribed. This is something that hasn\’t come as a surprise to either Marcela or myself, but we could do without.

It may be now that our nest egg for a rainy day has to go on legal fees to fight this, which we will do if it comes to the crunch, however I can certainly think of better things to spend the money on. The Surveyor is now supposed to be coming out tomorrow, so we shall have to wait and see what is said.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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