What a Day!

We have taken the first steps to try and halt the problem with our neighbour, it doesn\’t help that he doesn\’t live around here, but we have decided to take a stand on this, so a letter signed by ourselves and the other neighbour who is affected, has been deposited at the Town Hall this morning, along with a second complaint, regarding him using the passing area outside his business as an extention of that business, forcing vehicles to reverse a significant distance in either direction, when there is no need to do so.

They use this area to park their vehicles, and to dump materials when they are delivered, sometimes they are dropped Friday evening, and not moved until the following Monday, usually this is sand or gravel.

Once I had deposited those documents, I made my way to Medellin, as my computer was finally ready, unfortunately not as I wanted, because it came back with Windows 10 Home Spanish version, they had put Pro on before, so I could change the language, but apparently it had been causing problems, probably because they were illegal copies, therefore back home I had to buy the upgrade, which hit the pocket a bit, but it\’s still nice to have it back.

From the City I headed back to Bello, where I inquired about new remotes for my car alarm, they would have had to order them from Medellin, so I decided it was easier to get them direct, now I have had to pay for the Computer OS, I\’m glad I didn\’t pay out. One remote still works, so for the time being, I will make do.

From there it was back to Copacabana, the Father-in-laws mobile phone has a problem, we think because he is so heavy handed with it, anyway the shop wasn\’t open when I went early morning, I didn\’t expect it to be, the Technician doesn\’t believe it is serious, and it should be ready now, but I am going to collect it first thing in the morning.

Then I stopped off for lunch, and home, where I have spent the afternoon sorting the computer. The time consuming part will be waiting for all my files to download from the Server in the US, other than that, I am nearly back to normal, other than having a banging headache, so will now go and put my feet up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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