Feeling Old?

I hope that everyone had a festive New Year and returned home safely thereafter.

I have had a quiet week as you will have noticed, I have had a dose of manflu, which fortunately this morning all but disappeared, thank goodness.

Yes, today is my Birthday, and I have passed another milestone in life, reaching the grand old age of Sixty, I have to say that despite body and soul falling apart, I don\’t feel sixty,whether I will make seventy is out of my hands, every day is a bonus!

With crime increasing daily here in Colombia, and legal limitations put on what we can do to defend ourselves, the odds are stacking up against us, along with that, Governments are now issuing warnings to people who want to go to Cancun Mexico for holidays, due to the increase in aremed violence, which is great as we have paid for our holiday in February, to be honest the targets are not Tourists, the risk is getting caught up in the crossfire, which is much the same as here, so at this point in time, we are still going.

Having covered the gloomy start to the year, now for the fun side. Marcela is working all week, so she is taking me out for a birthday meal on Sunday, I am looking forward to that, I know where we are going and what we will be having, so I\’ll starve myself for a day or two beforehand, otherwise I may have a problem getting into my clothes on Monday!

Next week, I am hoping to get some work done over at the Mother in law\’s house in Bello, I\’ll take a couple of photos whilst over there, other than that I have a couple of jobs to do here, which would have been completed by now but for the heavy cold.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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