Early Start, Early Finish

Before I bring you up to date, here are a couple of photos of the finished gazebo fillet, not perfect, but it is out of sight and functional:

I just need to render up each side of the post to repair the wall,, and then repaint the wall itself,  nieither of which is urgent. I will give the concrete another couple of days, and then remove the acrow-props.

Right, now that is out of the way, yesterday, I took my computer back into the City , and it is  now in the hands to the ASUS Tech, I just hope it is ready before the week-end. At the moment I am using my old laptop, and hating every minute of it. It is so slow by comparison, I lent it to Marcela for the shop, before she took over my old All-in-One, and I don\’t think she ever did any maintenance, it was loaded with malware, and even a brower hack, so I had to clean it all, before reloading my most important programs, then last night Microsoft took over with a major Windows update, which, both because it was so big and my laptop so slow, didn\’t finish until midday today. To be honest I can\’t tell any difference, other than it changed all my settings back to default, which I wasn\’t happy about.

I am not looking forward to getting my main computer back either, I guess on past experience that it will take a couple of weeks to download all my files from the external Server, and I will also have to reload all my programs, unless by some miracle, the Tech finds a way of retrieving it all. On the plus side, it will be an opportunity to weed out some of the stuff I no longer use.

Whilst that was going on, I spent the morning gardening, I have cut the hedges gardenside, and on the roadside, trimmed some shrubs, and generally tidied up ready for Christmas. I also took my tools out in the road, and unplugged the drain from the road to the quebrada/ stream, so surface water can again leave the road, it\’s on the other side of the road, but no one maintains them, so if we don\’t do it, no one does.

That done it was time for a shower, early lunch and then sit out with my book. It\’s still only 2.30pm, so I think that it is not time for a siesta!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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