Trouble at The Finca de Recreo

Late yesterday afternoon, Marcela went up and talked with the Mayordomo at Villa Connie, he understood the problem, but said there was little he could do, as he had no intention of taking on forty plus drunks, the problem lies with those who rent out the finca, for not imposing any conditions on those renting it.

We were then joined by this week-ends Renter, she had rented the finca for a surprise Birthday Party for her Father, and family who were coming over from Bolivia, when Marcela explained the situation, she said there was a problem, as they had hired incoming entertainment from 12.30am until 2.30am, but if we could accept that, they would then move the Party indoors, it did not leave us a lot of wriggle room, we had to accept it.

Marcela then spoke with the person who had rented out the finca to this Family, one of the comisionistas, she was apparently quite bulshy, until she realised that Marcela had a good grasp of the law, and had her by the short and curlies. That done we went home.

We went to bed as normal, and the music began, the entertainment arrived and it got worse, there was no way I was going to sleep, so I got up.  2.30am came and went, and the entertainment continued, until nearly 3am.

Then I received a call from Nelson, he asked if I could go out and check the main Breakers in the street,  as he had been assaulted. I left him talking to Marcela, went out the Breakers had tripped, I flipped the switch, giving them power. I then went back for my phone, and Marcela informed me that it was the Birthday Boy who had hit Nelson, on the nose. Phone in hand I went back up to the gate and waited, but no sign of Nelson, so I rang him, and he said he was OK, so I left. Marcela rang him back to ask if the Police had been called, if not she was calling them, but he asked her not to.

We have spoken to Nelson again this morning, and fortunately the injury is not too serious, but something is going to have to be done to control these \’animals\’ this behaviour is not acceptable in any society.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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