What a Day!

What a day indeed! The music from the Finca de Recreo started about 1pm yesterday, and continued, at the start it was at a reasonable level, but as more people arrived to join the party, the louder it got.
I started recording evidence before midnight, and then at midnight we had fireworks, then again at 2am and 4am, and not just a few, it was a full display, the dogs were pretty good about it for a change, especially Tito who normally would have been a quivering wreck.

At 2.30am I rang the Police, as I still hadn\’t had any sleep, they said they would send the Patrol, as per the new Police Code, shortly after Marcela woke from doing her train impressions, and she also rang the Police.

At 4am I was still awake, and the fireworks woke Marcela, who then rang the Police again. I think I then nodded off, waking at 5.10am to the same volume of music, so I got up, I then went through the security footage from the camera that covers our front boundary, and by coincidence also the main entrance to the finca concerned, there had definitely not been any police attendance, disappointing, but not a surprise.

I then prepared the dogs breakfast, and took them for a walk. From the number of vehicles at the finca, I think there must have been at least forty people there, and it will only hold half that number.

Back home, I caught up with my mail, and then went back to bed, the Party gang had gone to bed, ready for their next installment, I managed to sleep for two hours, when they obviously had had enough, and had the music back on.

It was obvious that I was not going to be fit to do anything today, so we just took it easy, I had another mess around with my 360º camera, it shows that it is a cheap one, from the quality of the video, but at least it gives me something to practise on, before deciding if I want to upgrade, or whether it is just a passing fad.

If you start the video then pause it, you can then drag the video around with the cursor to see 360º, it\’s easier than doing it with the video running.

This evening the music goes on, and Marcela has already rung the Police in the hope they will do something, earlier, and we can get some sleep.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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