One Storm After Another

Last night it battered down yet again, the road was like a river, much more of this and we wont have a road to use.

This morning I woke to find the pool filled up to it\’s limit, and a lot of muck came down with the rain.

Due to land movement over time, and possibly poor installation, the pool tilts towards the far end, so it fills quicker there, I say pool advisedly, because it is not a swimming pool in the true sense, as I have written before, there is no drain, no filters etc. We had to have a prefabricated swimming pool pump/filter adapted for day to day use, it does help, but not really sufficient for the size of the pool.

This was heading our way, so I couldn\’t wait any longer, otherwise the pool was going to overflow,
I hitched up the hose to a portable submersible pump we have in addition to the pump/filter, the other end goes through the balustrade into a 2\” pipe I have laid along the side of the garage, I then just had to attach a detachable length of pipe from the garage to the gate, and started pumping out water into the road.

After about 40 minutes, the water had lowered by a tile,  that was the normal depth, so the pump was turned off for a day or two.

I then went into the workshop, all this rain causes one problem after another, and I have been having trouble with it flowing under my workshop door, from the parking area, the men that built the workshop and laid the parking area, didn\’t think of ensuring different levels, it was time to do something about it.

I still have a small stock of hardwood left over from other projects, so I cut a length down to size, and have made a weather strip, which I will silicon and screw to the floor inside the door, to hopefully stop any further water ingress. At the moment the first coat of varnish is drying, I want to put at least three on, before I install it, I will post photos at that stage.

Marcela rang to make my appointment for the electromyography this morning, they gave me an appointment for the middle of December, which is the first time I have had any delays with this Health Provider albeit this is on the normal Health Service, not the complementary plan which gives me the equivalent of private health care. I sent a message to my Doc, who was not happy, and said he would try to get it entered as a priority, then Marcela re-contacted the contractor for my test, and they brought it forward to 29 November, which is only four weeks away, I can live with that. Hopefully the problem is only temporary, and will right itself beforehand, and then I can cancel the appointment.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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