I was leaving the house this morning at the same time as Marcela, when I received a phone call, from CDA in Bello, to remind me that my Revision Tecnico (Test Certificate in the UK) for the Montero was due on the 18th. The weird thing about that, was that I was leaving the house to take the Montero for it\’s test.

I was going a week early, because being a 1996 model, I fully expected them to find something wrong with it, in fact I was expecting it to fail on it\’s emissions, and that was the reason I left early, to allow myself time to go and have the problem rectified, and retested all today.

I arrived at the test centre, there was only one car in front of mine, so didn\’t expect to be too long, I paid my $181655 COP (£46.50)  then watched from the gallery as the Montero made it\’s way down the line of tests, and then it was done, and parked up by the exit.

I don\’t know what was wrong, but it took 35+ minutes, before they called for me, and it was funny, because everyone else (they also do motorcycles) was called by name, I was called by my registration number, there are many people here who will not try to pronounce my name, that fact that it is spelt with a \’Ph\’ and not an \’F\’ throws them altogether. I went to the counter to be told it had passed, with recommendations about the brakes, which had been recently renewed, and a couple of minor oil leaks, one of which I know is not a leak, I had the oil changed at the end of last week, and they are not that careful here.

Anyway, I was over the moon, that it has passed for another year, I know I will have to have work done on it during the year, but at least the official headache is over. I left, and returned to Copacabana to do my shopping, and called for a celebration brunch on the way home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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