Routine Sunday!

We had a broken night, with the Finca at the back of us, for a change, causing problems, the music was not over loud, but it had a constant base beat, which vibrated through the house, and kept me awake, I ended up, getting up at 4.15am.

The dogs walked and fed, I had my breakfast, and then baked some blueberry muffins (I claim no credit, they were from a packet!), they are not brilliant, as we only have a basic gas oven, and it doesn\’t really get hot enough, so you leave things in a bit longer, and although cooked, they dry out, which is what happened today.

Cooking completed, I went and did the weekly check on both cars, oil, brake fluid, tyres etc., being on the mountain, it is important that we ensure the cars are safe, or at least I think so!

That done, it was on to cutting the lawn, by this time the sun was overhead and it was baking hot, so I was glad when I had finished, I took the brushcutter out and trimmed the verge whilst I was at it, I saw the lad who is running the Agricultural and Building Supplies next door, he was working on his motorcycle, so I asked if he had a problem, it turned out his front brake was coming full on, when he used it, so instead of repairing it, he had removed the whole assembly, and now only has a back brake, which to my mind is dangerous to say the least, especially in this location, he also uses the bike for some heavy deliveries…frightening! I told him that it was people on bikes like him, that had forced me to retire from biking, we both laughed about it, and I left him to it.

Another neighbour was at home for a change, and she shouted to let me know I could have access to her garden, to spray the side of our house with waterproofer, because many houses here are not rendered, in time the bricks absorb the water, and cause damp in the house, which is what has happened to us, so I wanted to spray, in the hope it will alleviate the problem, and as we had not had rain for 48 hours, it was probably as good a time as any, so I went around and did the job, to keep her sweet, I also sprayed a wall she was having problems with on her property. Now we shall have to sit back and see if it works, ideally I would still like to render it in time, but there is no point until summer comes, and the render is not washed off in the following storm.

Jobs finished and it was only 11am, so I sat and fired off a few emails and messages to family and friends. We had lunch and the clouds gathered, now we are just waiting for the storm, so that\’s as good an excuse as any for a siesta!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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