I\’m Going to Scream…

A while back, I posted that I had received notification that I had been caught violating \’Pico y Placa\’, the law that prohibits the use of vehicles on certain days, depending on the last number of your registration plate, this despite my Montero being exempt due to the gas conversion installed.

I went to the office of Transito in Bello, and had been advised I would have to appeal it by letter, so that meant another trip, as I then had to take the letter, to have it registered, I left with a reference number.

On Monday, the two week deadline they are given to respond, had come and gone, so I made a trip to Transito, to be informed that the reply had not been prepared, and I should return the next day…Phil kicked into action, no more Mr. Nice Guy, so I told them I had no intention of returning again, I lived in a neighbouring town, I wasn\’t using my time, my fuel and paying the toll, for something that should never have been issued anyway, also their date had passed, and if I did not receive the reply, I would be applying for a Tutela, which is a guaranteed right under the Constitution to receive a timely reply, this is done with a Judge, I have done them before, the Judge then demands the reply from the Public Servant.

At my outburst, the Receptionist, who until then had tried to adopt her official face, told me that the Lawyer who is responsible for the reply wasn\’t in, but they would email the letter to me, if that was acceptable, I knew I wouldn\’t get any improvement on that, so agreed.

We are now Thursday, and I had not received an email, so this morning my hatchet woman, Marcela took up the cudgel, and with a copy of my letter and my ID Card, she went to the office of Transito, where she eventually saw the Lawyer, who admitted that it was the fault of their Agent in issuing the ticket, she had removed the infraction from the system, and a letter would be ready for tomorrow.

Marcela rang me, I was waiting over the road in the Shopping Mall, she informed me of the result, and left to join me, a few seconds later, I received a text… It was from Transito to say I had received a photo violation, and to contact their Office…I wanted to scream there and then, I couldn\’t believe it, however Marcela believes it is a repeat of the old message, however she will confirm that when she calls at the Office tomorrow to collect the letter, saying I haven\’t committed any offence.

If there is a Local Authority Department that is inefficient, unapologetic, lazy, and a total disgrace, that is ignoring any criminal element, it is Transito de Bello.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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