I\’m Losing the Plot

Weird…I went to bed last night, it didn\’t take long for me to nod off, only to be woken an hour or so later by Marcela shaking me, as I laughed hysterically. I had been in the middle of a dream, I can still picture that dream clearly, but have no idea why I was laughing. Marcela demanded to know what it was about, inbetween continued uncontrolled laughter, I tried to tell her, and she in turn started laughing, not at my dream, but at my continued antics.

Try as I might, I couldn\’t control myself, I was feeling stupid, and yet continued laughing, until my whole body was hurting from the experience. Eventually I calmed down, but can I explain my outburst? No…very strange!

This morning, I had to return to plumbing, for no particular reason, yesterday, Marcela found that her shower room sink had started leaking, she thought it was from the waste trap, so rather than messing around with it, I had bought a new one, and fitted it, but it turned out it was coming from the connection between the sink itself and the waste, so I removed it from the wall, and distmantled it in the workshop, then set the waste in clear mastic. After being re-installed, and left to set for four hours, it now appears to be leak resistant.

Then it was time to repair the paintwork in the dining room, I had done the same yesterday in the Guest room where I had done the electrics, the paint was flaking, I believe this is from water under the house, but I cant be sure.

Some time ago, I had had to pack under the pathway leading down to the house, as all the earth had been washed away, and it was in danger of collapsing, at that time I had seen there was a big void under the house, but it is built on a concrete beam platform, due to land movement, I had packed with gravel and concrete, but that doesn\’t mean that water isn\’t still finding it\’s way under, this will always be a problem when the house is at the bottom of a slope.

I scraped all the flaking paint off, then covered the affected area in stucco, that will now be left until it is totally dry, and then I will repaint the Guestroom and Dining Room, I hope to have most of it done this week. It is one of my least favourite tasks, but it has to be done.

I am really looking forward to the day, when I can say, \”I\’m retired, I\’m having the day off\”, but I can\’t see it happening any time soon.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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