Back to Work

After a couple of days taking it easy, on Monday it was back to the Dentist, their repair on my bottom tooth had broken again for the third time, I wasn\’t happy, but as it was costing me nothing… I went to get an appointment, but was told to take a seat, an hour later, I went in, where another Dentist undertook the task, she made a point of telling me that she wasn\’t guaranteeing the work, which I presume means next time I will have to go somewhere private and pay.

There are times when I wish I was back in Cadiar, Spain, my Dentist there, didn\’t have a very good reputation, but I got on well with him, he would have covered the tooth in resin the first time, and it would still be there, it wouldn\’t look pretty, but it would have worked.

She did the job, which from the feel of it, is much thicker, and hopefully will last, initially I thought I was going to have to go back and ask them to file it down, as it felt horrible in my mouth, but after two days, I have grown used to it.

Yesterday was time to get back to work. A job that was becoming urgent was to repair the footpath leading to the house, before someone broke their ankle

At the time, I wasn\’t that happy with Marcela\’s suggestion that we cut the path whilst looking for the mains water pipe, but in all honesty she did me a favour. under the last bit of the path is another pipe which takes rain water from one side of the path to the channel on the other, this kept blocking with leaves and gravel, and I wanted to replace it with a grid drain, so the top could be removed and cleaned out.

Therefore I cut the remainder of the path, back to the join with the path bordering the house, cleaned out some of the infill I had used as a temporary measure, and began mixing concrete.

It didn\’t take long, I just had to ensure the drain looked level, whilst ensuring that it had a slight incline to take the water in the right direction.

Although Pepe was very good, as he doesn\’t like to get his feet dirty, Tito on the other hand, took great delight in running through the wet concrete, so every square inch of it had to be covered last night to ensure the final finish looked good. I removed the planks covering it this morning, and I am pleased with it, it now just needs an acid wash along the join to clean it up.

With the left over cement, I closed one of the two holes in the side of the house again, and also filled the channel with the mains water hose.

It will probably crack with the flow of water in the hose, but at least it should keep it in place until the new floor is down.

By the time I had finished and cleared up it was 2pm, so after a late lunch and shower, it was time to put my feet up.

Today, I have to go out and do some shopping if we are going to eat.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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