The Fence

This morning I had to go out first thing to buy materials, but even with a list, I didn\’t get everything I needed.

Once back home, it was time to work, I had already prepared the fence boards for the Zona de Ropa, the workmen had said to attach them from the outside with nails, knock nails into the planks, and then bend them over the wire…cheap, and it would work for a time, but it wouldn\’t look good, and I certainly wouldn\’t have been happy with that.

I had a bag of roofing ties, twin wires with a cap at the joint, and decided to use them.

They didn\’t all match, but that doesn\’t matter as the bottom row will probably be under the new concrete floor, unfortunately I only had enough for the first row, one of the things I forgot to buy!

They are easy to fit, I just had to drill holes through the planks, thread the tie, then nip up the ladder on the outside and with pliers, tighten the wires to the fence, the planks are rigid now. This bottom row will also be the border for the new concrete floor.
That done, I had to decide how to attach the next row, without putting undue pressure on the fence, the answer is \’spacers\’, and by using two of the old fence posts, which are mahogany, so will last, I spent a couple of hours in the work shop making a batch of spacers, drilling them for the screws, and then coating them in old engine oil to match the planks.
They are cut into a \’T\’ shape, the leg of the \’T\’ will be the spacer, and either side will attach to the planks above and below.
That\’s me finished for the day, unfortunately tomorrow, I have got to be the other side of the City by 7.50am for my three monthly cancer check, I don\’t think the Doctors believe in sleep over here, so I wont be getting much work done, however I will be able to stock up on my orange marmalade, which is rapidly running out, and can only be bought over there, also I will stop off to buy more of the roofing ties for the fence, there is something else I need, but I\’m damned if I can remember what it is!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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