A Relief!

This morning it was beautiful when I took the dogs for their walk, the sun was out, but it was still fresh

View towards Giradota

View towards Copacabana

however it was obvious even then, that it was going to be a stonker today, so I enjoyed the climate for what it was, before the heat descended…I was not disappointed!

I decided to do a bit of work before heading out to the shops. Last week I cleaned the engine bay and the outside bodywork of the Montero, yesterday, I decided it was time to clean the inside of the bonnet (hood), I had never done it, and it has always looked a disgrace, since the day I bought it, two years ago.

So using the same technique, I set to with rubbing compound and lots of elbow grease, as well as my sack of rags.

After two hours, it was looking very presentable

a nice creamy white, it will never look as white as the exterior, which has had a respray at some point, it\’s just a shame I can\’t whip the egine out, and clean all the bodywork in the engine bay, but that\’s not going to happen. I am pleased with the finish, now I just need to polish it to protect the bodywork, but that\’s for another day.

After a shower, I headed off down to town, what a relief, after yesterdays fright, the car ran fine, no problems at all as a result of the work on the air conditioning system, it must have just been a glitch, whatever it was, I don\’t want any more, although I know that with this car, that is just wishful thinking.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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