Quiet Couple of Days!

Yesterday, my first job was to hitch up the trailer and disappear down the motorway to buy the 20m2 of floor tiles for the area to be renewed, I only bought the tiles, because I don\’t yet know when the work will be done, and didn\’t want the adhesive or grout to go off, so I will go back for that. Back home I used the wheelbarrow and stacked them in the kiosko out of the way.

I then did a bit of cleaning, after which I painted the newly welded tool shed door, and the metal bases of the posts holding up the balcony, that I installed a couple of years ago, the latter were starting to show signs of rust.

It was the time to clean the swimming pool, I had finally worked out how to use our adapted vacuum, and decided that as Marcela is busy most of the time, it had to be done. So once clean, it was time for a dip, as it was baking hot… I really need to make more use of the pool, I wasn\’t in long, but it was really refreshing.
This morning, I went off the Copacabana to do the food shopping, it was only 11am by the time I had finished, so decided to come straight home, and prepare lunch here.
There is a meeting at the school this evening, the idea being that the local Police Comandante is going to enlighten us on the new Police Code (Código de Policía), given the opportunity I think we will trap her on her Officers non action under said code, on the Fincas de Recreo and the loud music. There will probably be examples to show her, as the neighbouring Fincas appear to have been rented out for tonight, more\’s the pity.
Update: We went to the meeting, and true to form the Comandante cried off, and sent his Sergeant instead, it must be a cultural thing, the Alcalde/Mayor does exactly the same, he hasn\’t attended one meeting, always sending a lackie! and did we accomplish anything? not really, just more excuses given.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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