Colombian Workers are hit and miss at the best of times, some you find are treasures and you hang on to them for dear life, others…

John who came out last Sunday to give a quote on some work, has failed to get back in contact with a quotation, and failed to answer calls from Marcela, so if you live anywhere near Bello, don\’t bother calling on \’Obra White\’, he obviously doesn\’t want the work.

Today we called Diego, who has done some work for us at our house in Bello, where the Mother-in-law lives, he has also done work for a neighbour here, and done good work, he says he will come tomorrow to look at the job, can\’t ask for more than that.

This morning, I started doing some preparation work, the gate/door to my tool shed and boiler room, was at ground level, if I am having the floor raised, it would mean I couldn\’t open the door.

Fortunately I had lent some money to a neighbour, who was having trouble paying it back, and he does some welding, since I have yet to master the art, it is still a job beyond my capability, so I suggested he do my welding in lieu of the money, to which he readily agreed. He came round on Friday to look at the job, said it would be no trouble and he would do it on Monday, if he turns up!

I decided I would do all the preparation work, I cut the bottom of the gate off, using my grinder and a cutting wheel, cut off the unwanted portion, and removed all the paint, so the weld will take. Then replaced the bottom bar, and clamped it in place.

The uprights have moved slightly, having been released from tension, I can either grind the end off the bottom bar, or force the outside bar out to meet the end of the bottom bar, I\’ll leave that until tomorrow to decide.

At least now there is nothing to stop us raising the floor level.

I still haven\’t done my gravelling job, but there\’s always tomorrow!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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