Taking it Easy

After my work on Thursday, I decided to have a day off yesterday, and went into Medellin, which as it turned out was not such a good idea.

I arrived on the car park, and as I started to get out of the car, I had the most horrendous pains in my chest, I couldn\’t get my breath, I have never had a heart attack, but I was seriously thinking, that I might be having one. I managed to get back in the car, and after ten or fifteen minutes, I felt fine, so me being me, I just carried on with what I had arrived to do.

I called into Copacabana on my way home, had lunch, went to the Butchers, and the Supermarket, and then started with a headache, by the time I arrived home, I had a full blown migraine type headache, I have suffered with these in the past, but not for many years.  So I put away the shopping and went to bed.

When Marcela arrived home, she asked me if I had taken my tablets, I knew I had taken the evening ones, but I honestly could not remember if I had taken my morning tablets, and that may well have been the cause.

I have started to worry about my memory, it never was very good, even when I was working in the Police, I had to stop after every job and write up my pocket book, where as, many of my Colleagues would write them up at the end of their shift. However recently I have had a terrible short term memory, I use a medication alarm App on my mobile phone, it is set to 7am and 7pm, but often as not, I have not turned my mobile phone on by 7am, especially if it has been raining, and I haven\’t taken the dogs for a walk, when I do turn it on, and the alarm activates, if I can\’t remember taking them, I wont risk a double dose, and may well miss out.

I think I am going to have to go to the next level, and put out my medication for the following day, then I will see whether I have taken it or not… desperate times call for desperate measures!

Today, I was going to do the gravel, and finish Thursday\’s job, but I still wasn\’t feeling 100% and so pottered, I had an old electric chain saw, which had packed up long ago, so stripped it down, to the last screw, nut and bolt, and electrical contact, and threw the rest away, I tend to recycle more here than I did back in Europe, as things are more difficult to find. Once that was done, I gave the wheel barrow a once over, oiling the wooden handles and all the nuts and bolts, if you look after your tools they last.

That done, I did a job for Marcela, the swimming pool is her domain, and she has always maintained it, but for some reason, despite all her efforts, we have been having trouble getting the water clean, during the last week, it had been vacuumed at least three times, and still there was \’dust\’ across the bottom. This is one of the problems when you inherit something, our pool is little more than a tiled water tank, it has no inbuilt pump or filtration system, as a result we had a company convert an above ground pool pump to work for us, the problem is, it is meant for a smaller pool, so is not up to the job, I think it is on the way out, we are now at the stage of  only effectively using a disposable filter twice before we have to toss it, they are not expensive, but previously they lasted weeks…something else I am going to have to save up for. I started with the filter used the other day, then saw that dirty water was returning to the pool, I changed it for a new one, and finished the job, but you can guarantee that tomorrow, there will be a layer, albeit small, of dust on the bottom of the pool, from the dirty recirculated water today.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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