People are so Inconsiderate!

At least the Direct TV is up and running, I didn\’t realise, that we received two weeks free viewing of all channels, upon activation, so I shall not be seeing much of my Beloved for a while!!

This morning I had a Dental appointment, I had a chipped tooth repaired a week ago last Saturday, and within two days it had broken again, to be fair, I think it was probably my fault, something I didn\’t think of at the time, was to wear my plate, whilst having the repair done, which left a gap, so two days later when I had an appointment and wore my plate, the false tooth ground down on the repair, cracking it open. Today I made sure I had it in place, now we will see how long it lasts.

From there I went into the City, and saw a bit more of it than I wanted, I was going to Easy, which is a bit like B&Q in the UK, or what I imagine Target to be, in the US, as I neared the Store, I got got behind a Bus, with another on either side of me, and between them they took me off the roundabout, a turn too soon, and I had to go miles, in unchartered territory before I could turn back.

I was looking for cardboard tube to form concrete columns for the Zona de Ropa (drying area), lean to roof, it was the only place I had seen them, but as in all thing \’Sale\’, just my luck, they have stopped selling them, as no one was buying them, they had a couple of damaged ones they were selling off, but they were not the right size. So it looks as if I will have to go with brick.

I then left Easy, on the Avenida Regional, which is a main route that runs parallel with the Autopista Norte (Northern Motorway), another bad decision, as within five minutes I was in static traffic, and there is only one cause for that…yet another fatality, the sooner the Colombian Government realises that dishing Licenses out like confetti, just because it is a money spinner, is not the way to go when people\’s lives are at stake, the standard for obtaining the license has to be improved dramatically, it is a farce, especially as the Medical required is far more stringent than any I have undertaken in either the UK or Spain.

I know I have said this before, but when I came here, over five years ago, I had a Spanish license, which I had previously exchanged for my UK one, covering cars and large motorcycles, when I went to exchange my Spanish license for a Colombian one, they just asked me what Groups I wanted, at the time you had a separate license for each group, they didn\’t even want to verify that by seeing, or taking my Spanish license, it was a joke.

Traffic was crawling at less than walking pace, so at the first exit, which took me onto the carriageway going in the opposite direction, I left the queue, and headed back yet again towards Medellin, until I came to the turn off for the Autopista Norte, and then back to Bello, stopped to top up my gas tank, which by this time was on vapours, and then home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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