Another Disturbed Night

Last night we had more problems from the Finca de Recreo, Villa Connie,  the music continued for most of the night, at 3.15am a call was made to the Police, they certainly didn\’t attend, but whether they have a phone number, I don\’t know, about an hour and a half later the music stopped, just in time for half an hours sleep before I had to get up with the dogs!

It looks like we are going to have to start giving the Town Hall / Alcaldia some grief again, we were told that it was their intention to have a meeting of all the Fincas de recreo, and put a 2am limit on the music, not ideal, but certainly an improvement on what we have now…But as usual nothing has transpired.

Since we have been trying to resolve this for so long, without any result, we are going to have think of other options. One may be to withhold our propert tax, outside the town, we receive no services for our money, they won\’t even repair the road, because they state there is no money in the pot.

That is strange, when we see today in the press that the Mayor / Alcalde took a large number of the Municipal workers from the Town Hall with him, on a jolly to Bogota, to the Studios of Caracol, just to say that the dates for the local Festival had been moved from the end of the year to the end of this month. That in itself is a farce, the Festival of Oranges, and yet there is not Orange business in the locality, it is just an excuse for a mass boozing binge. If you ever take the time to attend you will see kiosk after kiosk selling drink and snacks, next to nothing for the children, a mass \’Piss-up\’ if there ever was one, and a waste of local Tax Payers money.

As a result of the above jaunt, there have been comments on Social Media, criticising the jaunt, whether they went by bus or plane, it was still a costly affair, if there was at least fifty of them, they would have all had to be fed and watered. The comments went on to claim that the Mayor has acquired a Finca in the area, and his daughters, new cars, for someone who was driving around in an old Logan before he became Mayor, one has to ask the question…how? he could not have afforded all that on a Mayor\’s salary. Of course he could have come into money, but on the history of the previous Mayor, together with the reputation of those in Public Office here, it certainly leaves a lot unanswered. An independent audit of the Municipal accounts is needed.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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