Not the best of Days!

Woke this morning, and prepared for my Dental appointment, which I had convinced myself was at 10.30am.

I saw Marcela off to work, taking the Father-in-law with her, and returned to the Study, after a while, I happened to glance at the computer screen, where I keep my appointments, so that I wont forget them… \” 22/07 8.40am Dentist\”  horror of horrors, it was already 9.10am, since I had already forgotten one appointment this month, I didn\’t think they would be happy, but unlike the last time where I lied through my teeth, I decided this time to come clean.

I arrived at the Dentist at 9.30am, and threw myself at their mercy, admitting that it was totally my fault, and if I had to pay for the missed appointment I would. However they were very nice about it, and said I could either sit and wait for a spot, or arrange a new appointment, I went for the latter, as I had other things to see to. Now I have another appointment for 9am on Monday.

From Copacabana I made my way to Bello, I had a new clutch put in the Montero just under two months ago, and intermittently it has been playing up, unable to select first gear, and then not engaging in second. I saw the Partner of the Mechanic who fitted the clutch, who tried it out, and announced that the clutch is faulty, so I gave him the spare key to the car, and arranged that I would drop it off early on Tuesday, on my way to my medical appointment in the City, it would then be there when he arrived.

I then went to see my Mechanic, Javier, I asked him about the sluggish start from cold, as if the battery was dying, but it is relatively new, he told me what to adjust and how, and then asked me how Marcela\’s car was, as she had noises coming from below, turned out that the power steering oil needed topping up, I had given her the details of the oil to buy, fortunately she saw Javier before buying it, and he told her, to use the oil he had used in mine, he knew I had some at home.

Javier told me today, that in Colombia, they don\’t use different oils for different cars (unless you go to a Main Dealer), thay have one good quality power steering oil and use it in all makes and models, apparently he was with an Oil Rep at the weekend, who told him it is all the same oil, in different packaging at different prices. Nice to know someone who is prepared to save you money!

From there, I went to the local  Exito Supermarket, I had received an offer of 8% discount on my SOAT renewal, which is an obligatory vehicle personal injury insurance, last year mine was $745,000 COP  (£190 / USD 248), this year it has gone up to $796,000 or a rise of £12. The discount is not on the whole amount, just the Supermarkets commission, but every peso helps. I gave them the leaflet which had my name and registration on it, but I was not in the system, and try as they might, they couldn\’t sort it out, so after 20 minutes, I agreed to return during the week.

Everyone thinks SOAT is a rip off, but then, ordinary insurance is not obligatory here,  unlike Europe. I take out third part insurance on the Montero, to cover damage to other cars, but all risks on the Logan, as it would cost a lot more to replace.

All that done, and not much accomplished, I headed home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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