Slow and Fast!

This morning I had to go for blood tests, hopefully this will help identify if my hormones are hindering my weight loss. I  knew I was going to be there two hours at least, as the tests are done between 6am and 9am, I also knew I had to be there early.

I woke at 5.45am had a quick shower, fed the dogs and prepared Marcela\’s lunch, then hit the road, arriving at the Medical Center at 6.30am.

I have been numerous times for blood tests over the years, but had never seen a queue like the one this morning, and because there were so many people we were given a number, I had 61, so believed I was in for a long wait.

I eventually hit Reception at 7.30am, handed in the Order with my ID, and waited to be called in, I was queue jumped, for no other reason than my Order demanded that they take samples, then I had to drink a litre of super strong glucose, and wait another two hours, before having another set taken.

I settled down with my eBook and read a novel, the time flew by, I gave the second set of bloods, was told I would have the results in four days, it might be sooner, but as it is Independence Day tomorrow, it could be the weekend before I have them. If you write your email address on the order they usually, not always, send you the results, to save you having to return to collect them.

That done, I messaged Marcela to say I was leaving, and went to a local cafe to get something to eat and drink before driving, I had been warned I could feel dizzy, or light headed, and I was!

Marcela informed me that she had phoned for an appointment for the ultrasonography on my stomach, and it was next Tuesday at 7.40am, in the City, so another early start. We were both surprised, as we thought I would have to wait weeks for the appointment.

I have to say, that with one or two exceptions, the latest having been the Internista, I have been really impressed with the Medical treatment I have received in Colombia, I don\’t have private medical insurance, but in addition to the basic health care which is obligatory here, I pay extra for a top-up, cheaper than PMI, but it gives me direct access to Specialists and some services, without having to go through my GP. As I have said before, my Colombian family say I get better treatment being a Foreigner, it may be true, but I have no evidence of that, and can only comment on my personal experience.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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