Doing the Medical Rounds…Again!

This morning I had a Dental appointment, I made sure I went this time, I forgot my last one two weeks ago, until two hours after the appointment! I chipped a tooth a couple of days prior to that, there is no pain, but I am hoping they will smooth it off. I believe I did this eating chicharron, a food I love here, pork crackling with meat attached.

I had the appointment, for a change, the Dentist was remarkably friendly, which is unusual for her, but as always this was to be just an assessment, she said they would ring me with an appointment.

I then went to Reception to collect some orders for other tests, and appointments, the one for the Internista can go in the bin, along with the one for the Nutritionist! one of these was for the hormone tests, which is a blood test done in the building, so I went down to the Lab, to ask them if it was just a blood test, or blood and urine, the girl confirmed that it was just blood, but she said one of the tests took two hours, so to arrive early. Since they open at 6am, it looks like another early start.

There is also an order to go for  complete ultrasonography of my stomach, somewhere in the City, I\’ll have to ring for an appointment.

I was just leaving the building, when my mobile went, it was the Dentist upstairs, with my appointment, so I nipped back and arranged to go at 8.40am this Saturday.

I want to get all these appointments out of the way, so that I will then have time to start work on the house, which now most of the neighbours dusty work is completed, needs totally re-painting.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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