Quick Motor Update

I went to see Javier, my mechanic this morning, and true to form the car cut out twice on the way, but fortunately I kept in the slow lane, so was able to pull to the side without causing too much congestion.

Javier changed another cable connector, but then decided that the problem was a little more serious, and we went round to the Gas Conversion workshop, they knew me, having worked on and done the annual checks on both our cars, fortunately that entitled me to jump the queue.

Javier was right, it was more serious, they ended up stripping down the distributor and inserting new parts, and also part of the gas system. Four hours later, and still in the baking sun, it was ready, Javier went with them on a test run, and came back saying it was perfect.

I paid Javier for his time, and the Workshop for their \’work\’, and then took Javier back to his spot on the roadside where he works.

I then had to go to Marcela\’s shop to pick up a packet that had been delivered for me, and the first incline I came to, the car struggled, it was as if there was no power. I stopped for lunch (I wish I hadn\’t bothered, it was disgusting!) and then called at the shop. The plan then was to return to the Gas workshop, but the car must have known it was in for another spell in the sun, it ran smoothly, I think there was possibly some muck in the system from when they had it stripped down, so I took the decision to go home.

Now I just have to hope it runs fine in the morning, or I will have to return immediately to ensure it is covered by the payment I have already made!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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