It Never Rains but it Pours!

With the beginning of the month falling at the week-end, I received my pension on Friday UK early hours, or Thursday evening here, so as is the norm, I arranged the transfer of funds to Colombia, so that the Transfer Company, Azimo, would have the funds at opening of business Friday.

Azimo had been using Titan Intercontinental in Colombia as their Intermediary, but recently Titan had been hanging on to the funds, and using the money for their own business before handing it on, so I had been looking around for another Company, at which time Azimo finally accepted that Titan\’s policy was not acceptable, and parted company. I was informed that they were now partnered with BBVA, which I always thought was Spanish owned, but it is Headquartered in the USA. I was informed that the service would now be excellent, and deposits would be the same day.

Things didn\’t get off to a great start, when I received a message Friday morning to say that, BBVA stated Bancolombia would not accept international payments into my account, which was plainly rubbish, as they have been doing so for the last five and a half years. After another email, I was informed that as there had been no further communication, everything was fine, and the funds should be in my account by close of business…they weren\’t!!

 It was then a Holiday week-end in Colombia, so I was not expecting a deposit until tomorrow, Tuesday, but this morning I received an email from Azimo, to say that the transfer had been cancelled, no explanation, just cancelled, by this time it was 5.30pm UK time, and their Chat line closed at 6pm, so I immediately opened a conversation, and sat here, waiting, but nothing… 6pm came and went, and then I received a message to say they would contact me tomorrow.

So that avenue had dried up, as a result, I asked Marcela to contact my Bank here, Bancolombia, they said there was no problem here, they would have accepted the deposit, and if there had been a problem, they would have frozen it, and contacted me, but that wasn\’t the case.

Marcela then contacted BBVA, but as we anticipated, there was only the Call Center open today, and they hadn\’t a clue, so Marcela is going to contact their International Dept tomorrow, and see if we can resolve this, because it seems obvious that Azimo can\’t.

At this point in time I have no idea where my pension is, you would think as it had been cancelled, it would be back in my UK account, but it isn\’t!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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