Not a lot to Report!

The weather is still up and down,  ranging from tropical sunshine, sweltering without a breeze, to sun with high winds, to torrential rain, it really doesn\’t help when you want to work outside.

I have made a start, it doesn\’t seem two and a half years since I rebuilt the kiosko in the garden, but was starting to look tired, at least it has protection from the elements, so I mixed up some of the original coloured stain with some exterior varnish, and I have been painting that on, it will take some time, because with the state of my back, I am limited how long I can spend stretching up to the roof, but at least I can get it done.

In the mean time, I have been occupied with clerical work, I have organised the application for my new ID card, which runs concurrently with my Visa, the details have been submitted online, and I have an appointment in Medellin, on Tuesday, at Migración Colombia to complete and pay for that.

I have also been organising all the papers needed by my Accountant to submit my Colombian Tax Return, I think I am now ready, having completed the task this morning, so will contact her next week for an appointment.

I have  made an appointment for the Dentist next week, I am not a happy bunny! I have broken another tooth, if I was in Spain, I know my Dentist there would have built it up with resin, not pretty but functional, here, things are all about looks, so as it is visible on my bottom set, they may well insist on yanking it out, which may mean new falsies, I have a top plate, which I don\’t wear if I can help it, it may mean I need a bottom one as well, I\’m definitely not looking forward to this.

I think I broke the tooth whilst eating chicharron, Marcela keeps telling me to pick something else, but there is nothing like a nicely cooked piece of chicharron, I\’ll keep on eating it until I am gummy!!! and as I point out to Marcela, I broke the top tooth whilst on holiday with her in London, eating a piece of bread!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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